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The gorgeous hardwood flooring after a refinishWhen it comes to your hardwood floors, do your find yourself looking at them sometimes and wishing they were back to their original glory? How about when you catch a glimpse of the less-than-perfect surface of your aging oak hardwood floor in the afternoon light? Are you plagued by scratches and pits in your hardwood floor? How about staring down at that dingy carpet, wishing you had a gorgeous hardwood floor? All of these situations can be corrected with one phone call. If you live in the Columbia, Missouri area, JRK Flooring is your local hardwood flooring professionals.

Your Columbia, Refinishing Specialists!

Has it been at least ten to fifteen years since your hardwood floor has had any attention? If that is the case, you are probably noticing age starting to set in. Regardless of the quality of your floor, the integrity is only as sound as your varnish. Many appearance issues with your hardwood floor can be rectified through a refinishing process, and at JRK Flooring, we are not going to try and sell you a new floor if your current one can be refinished. We have many years of experience refinishing hardwood floors and have a growing list of satisfied clients. So don’t trash it, refinish it!

Hardwood Floor Need An Overhaul? JRK Will Repair it!

Restore your floors with JRK FlooringDo you have noticeable nicks in your hardwood floor? If that is the case you need to call the hardwood floor repair experts at JRK Flooring. Replacing your floor just because it has had some bad luck is not the route we would tell you to go, of course the best way to know is to have us perform an inspection of your floors along with a free estimate. We are able to fix damage that seems beyond repairable and restore your hardwood floor back to its original beauty.

Experience the Timeless Beauty of Real Hardwood!

When was the last time you actually looked at your carpet? Do you try and avoid eye contact with it every chance you get? Well maybe it is time to consider upgrading to a gorgeous custom hardwood floor from JRK Flooring. Our style experts will help you pick the perfect finish and wood species to match your style and decor. If you are really looking to make a statement and add equity to your home, we can install a variety of exotic wood. Don’t go one more day with that dingy old carpet, upgrade with a new hardwood floor from JRK Flooring today!

Now Offering Consultation Services in Columbia

Make your hardwood floors shine again with JRK FlooringA hardwood floor is a big commitment for a home, and many of the big box stores that carry hardwood flooring simply want to sell you a new floor. They have no interest in saving you money. At JRK Flooring, we are now offering consultation services in the event that you are considering a new hardwood floor, a previous installation has gone badly or simply want direction about caring for your hardwood floors.

If you are needing hardwood flooring replacement, refurbishment, repair or even a brand new installation. Contact your local, Columbia hardwood flooring experts JRK Flooring.