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Whether you are investing in a brand new hardwood floor or you are finally paying to have your old floors refinished, you will be faced with the dilemma of what color you want your flooring to be. Choosing the right color will be important, as you will not want to invest in another refinish for some time to come.

As hardwood flooring experts in Kansas City, we are experienced in working with clients who wish to upgrade their home’s flooring. Whether you contact us for refinishing and repairs or you are looking at an all-new installation, we can help. Read on to learn more about how to best pick the right hardwood flooring color for your home.

Opting For Dark

When we are discussing hardwood floor colors, we are essentially talking about the differentiation between light and dark options. Within dark and light hardwood flooring are a myriad of tones and styles, but at the end of the day, choosing between a dark finish or a light finish will be your main debate. Both options have their own set of pros and cons and the following information can help you decide upon the right choice for your own home.

The Pros

Dark hardwood is a stunning feature for any home. The rich tones of dark hardwood will create a beautiful and elegant setting. This makes it the perfect choice for a home with a modern style or a classic design. The dark hardwood will make a bold backdrop for the rest of your home’s decor.

When you choose dark hardwood, you can implement a rich style in your decorations and furnishings. Most bold colors will pair well with dark hardwood and will create an appealing setting. For those who prefer to make a statement in their home, dark hardwood is a must. It will be eye catching and leave your guests in envy of your home’s elegant style.

The Cons

Dark hardwood is a wonderful choice for virtually any home. However, you should avoid putting dark hardwood by itself in a small room. It can cause the space to feel smaller and will look out of place if it stands alone in your home. It is best utilized in larger spaces that span bigger portions of your home.

A dark finish will also show dirt and dust a lot faster than a lighter finish will. Be sure that you are committed to cleaning your floors frequently if you choose this finish.

Another word of caution when picking a dark hardwood color, make sure you pay attention to any existing wood furniture in the room. When a dark piece of furniture is just slightly different in color than your floors, it can leave the room feeling mismatched.

Opting For Light

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If you choose a lighter colored wood, you can easily implement a light finish for your hardwood flooring. Light hardwood is increasingly popular due to the beauty of the wood’s grains and the comforting feel of this option. Read on to learn more about choosing a light finish for your hardwood.

The Pros

Light hardwood is often picked because it offers a soft and inviting style to your home. Light finishes pair well with homes that feature rustic, country designs or soft, subtle styles. It makes any room appear more open and bright, which makes it a perfect choice for smaller spaces.

Not only does a light hardwood finish provide a beautiful and comfortable backdrop for a simplistic design style, it also retains a fresh look during day-to-day use. Dirt and dust will not be as apparent on this flooring, which leaves your space looking cleaner overall. For pet owners, a light finish will help mask fur and scratch marks better than a dark finish will. This can allow you to enjoy your hardwood floor for a longer period of time before you will need to invest in refinishing

A light finish is also a great choice because most furnishings will stand out against it, allowing for beautiful furnishings and decorations to take the spotlight. If you have invested in colorful and patterned furniture, a light hardwood finish will allow those stunning pieces to shine.

The Cons

While a light finish will provide you with a warm space, it will not provide the same stunning effect that a darker finish will. A light hardwood floor is not meant to be your home’s focal point, but rather a warm backdrop for your home’s decor. If your home does not feature very many eye capturing design elements, a light finish could leave your home looking washed out. Make sure that if you choose a light finish, you invest in other elements in your home’s style to keep it from being bland.

Consult With The Pros

If you are looking to create a beautiful living space featuring a stunning hardwood floor, talk to the pros at JRK Flooring. We specialize in all things hardwood flooring in Kansas City. From brand new installations to refinishing an existing floor, we can help you determine what style will best match with your existing space. We have years of experience working with homeowners on designing the perfect style for their unique wishes and dreams, so let us help you make your dreams a reality.

Reach out today to learn more about our consultation process or to bring us any questions you might have about hardwood flooring in your home. We look forward to assisting you in picking out the perfect color of hardwood flooring for your needs.