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Hardwood floors hiding under the carpet.We have talked at length about damage that can be done to your floors. The chips, dents, cracks, and all of the other unfortunate accidents that can happen to your wood flooring, they can all be fixed. But what happens when the floor is beyond help? Depending on the home improvement show you watch, some have debated that hardwood flooring is on its way out, like linoleum or shag carpeting. The problem with the shifting styles is that sometimes they can be a bit fickle, we have no idea what will be considered timeless in a dozen or so years. Of course, if your floors are real hardwood, they will definitely stand the test of time. Hardwood floors if installed correctly will last for years, there are hardwood floors that have been restored that are hundreds of years old. Regardless of what colors you are looking for hardwood flooring can be refinished to the perfect match no matter what the decor around it. At JRK Flooring we are your local hardwood flooring refinishing and repair experts. No matter what the damage, unless it is catastrophic, we are able to fix it. Of course a consultation is necessary in most cases to determine the best way to handle a repair and refinish. The thing is, these days there are so many crazy ideas that people have about home improvement, it is hard to keep up with at times.

“Cute” and “Unique” Does Not Make it a Good Idea

The there is a website that inspires people of all persuasions that they are actually going to succeed at making a unique addition to their home, many times making use of crazy materials that are free or close to it. Now, we won’t name any names, but this website rhymes with Phinterest and to the professional it is an amazing tool, but in the hands of a 38 year old housewife from Kansas City, it can be dangerous. Not only are the materials questionable but the methods that these people are using are not designed to stand the test of time. The followers of this virtual bank of bad ideas are generally trying to come up with creative solutions to avoid having to call a professional, often resulting in more work for the contractor when the job becomes too much. Of course there are many talented individuals out there that can make these projects look good but they are few and far between.

The Materials

A quick rundown of the materials that we found for flooring projects on the internet.

  1. Plywood
  2. Paper Bags
  3. Pallets
  4. Wood Slices
  5. Plastic CD Cases
  6. And Last But Not Least, Chalkboard Paint

Ok so maybe in the right hands these types of flooring materials can become an extraordinary looking floor but most of these ideas are not really thought through. Many of the processes either take an incredible amount of time or they are simply out of the realm of the average homeowner. This is why the experts are called, it is not uncommon for them to get in over their head.

Plywood and Pallets

The golden material of this DIY website is the pallet. What is a pallet? Well a pallet is what goods are delivered on, for example, if you ordered a lifetime supply of super cute hats that can make tomatoes look like pilgrims, they may arrive on a pallet. The pallet is to insure that if a forklift is involved in some part of the shipping process, the goods will not be damaged. Pallets are made from the cheapest wood that the builder can find and are generally either untreated or treated with a creosote type material. Finding straight, good quality pallets is an extreme challenge and it is a good bet that these people who are using pallets for their projects have either made their own with finished wood. If you have ever picked up a pallet there is a good possibility that you could get a splinter as many of them are jagged and unfinished. So think about that when you come across instructions about how to build a baby gate out of a pallet.

Don’t Fall For It

Fundamentally, using poor quality wood for your floor will create a myriad of problems down the road. Both plywood and the wood that pallets are made from are extremely poor. Of course you can get really good quality plywood, but many of these DIY sites are not suggesting that you use the best quality materials. Plywood is constructed by sandwiching thin sheets of wood together with an adhesive between them. Many of these adhesives contain formaldehyde and once cut, can off-gas into your home. The way a wood floor works is that it must have ample room to expand and contract, which is why hardwood is the prefered material, it is much more predictable as a flooring. Plywood on the other hand will behave in all sorts of crazy ways when the humidity levels fluctuate. In order to effectively use plywood for wood flooring is to purchase plywood that is specifically manufactured for that purpose. These floors are specially engineered for use as a flooring material. As far as pallets are concerned, they are best suited for firewood.

Paper Bags and Other Gimmicks

Let’s be honest, many of these other flooring techniques are a temporary solutions and are going to be viewed as cheap and just plain dumb in a few years, particularly if you are planning on selling your home. From what we can gather a paper bag floor is much like those art projects in grade school. You know the ones where the object is to drop tissue paper in glue and cover a Mason jar or something. Well, this project includes a bunch of glue and brown paper bags, what could go wrong? There are all sorts of crazy ideas out there and personally we think that anything less than doing it right is not worth doing. If you were to cover your hardwood floor with glue and paper bags that is totally up to you but down the road it may not seem like such a good idea.

Don’t Ruin Your Hardwood Floor With Gimmicks, Refinish It

It pains us to see people online covering up or ripping out perfectly good hardwood floors and replacing them with other materials. Even carpet is inferior to hardwood flooring. If you are feeling like your hardwood floor is too far gone and you are resorting to gimmicky or questionable ideas, give the experts at JRK Flooring a call today. So put the pallet down and back away from the computer, we got this.