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Whether you are purchasing your very first home or you have been a homeowner for years and you are simply upgrading to a bigger space, buying a house with existing hardwood flooring is akin to finding a hidden gem. Hardwood floors are an elegant flooring style that always remain in vogue and they offer a strong, lasting flooring system. This is why so many home buyers favor purchasing a place that already has hardwood flooring in place.

If you recently purchased a home that has hardwood flooring, make sure you know what to do with your newly acquired floors. As Kansas City hardwood flooring experts, we are equipped to help you make the most of your new home’s hardwood flooring. Read on to learn more about how you can handle this wonderful discovery.

Start With A Thorough Cleaning

The first place to begin in your new home is with a thorough cleaning of the floors. It can be difficult to tell how much damage a floor has undergone when it is covered by a layer of grime. Take the time to sweep out the entire house, going over each room a few times. By getting out any loose debris, you can gain a better idea of the condition of the flooring underneath.

Next, work on cleaning off any grime that is stuck in place. Make sure that you only use gentle cleaners and soft cloths for this process. Never utilize a severe cleaner or a rough cleaning tool, as you can damage the hardwood flooring.

Water is also not a great option for cleaning hardwood floors as it can lead to water stains and damage. Stick to only using cleaning materials that were specifically designed for hardwood floors to prevent any further damage from occurring.

Once you have removed any built-on grime, take the time to sweep out the rooms one last time. This will remove any leftover debris, giving you a clear view of the floors underneath.

Assess The Damages

Beautiful hardwood floors just beneath the surfaceOnce you have cleaned the floors thoroughly, it is time to walk through the house and assess the damages. Make sure you carefully inspect each room to see what the condition of the flooring actually is. Take note of any scratches, gouges, or stains. While small amounts of wear and tear won’t affect the beauty of the flooring, a large amount of damage can leave a room looking outdated and grimey.

If cleaning alone did not remove the majority of discoloration and the floors still have an appearance of being dirty, it could be due to a worn off finish. When the finish on your hardwood floors is worn down, it can cause the entire flooring system to look less than fresh. The good news is that while the floors might look shot, most hardwood can simply be repaired and refinished. This means you can turn less than beautiful hardwood back into the gorgeous flooring it once was without breaking the bank on all new floor installation.

Decide Upon Your Style Preferences

The gorgeous hardwood flooring after a refinishOnce you have determined whether or not your hardwood flooring is in need of repairs, decide upon the style you want as your end result. When you refinish your hardwood, you will be able to choose from a variety of stains. Depending on the wood you are starting with, you will be able to pick a degree of dark or light stains.

For rooms where the hardwood needs to be replaced, you can pick out a new wood style of your choice. Make sure you keep in mind that you will want any new hardwood to match with existing hardwood. Think about your preferences and then spend time talking to an expert. Our team can assist you in choosing the right design for your home and your specific wishes.

Schedule Refinishing And Repairs

As soon as you have determined what needs to be done to your hardwood floors, it is time to schedule the services. The sooner you can schedule repairs and refinishing the better. The less you have moved into the house, the easier the project will be. This will also make it more convenient for you as you allow the hardwood time to rest after it has been stained.

This will be particularly helpful if you have any pets in the home who might want to wander into rooms that are in the process of being revamped.

Add More Hardwood Throughout The Home

Hardwood floors hiding under the carpet.While you are already working on revitalizing existing hardwood, you can also add more hardwood flooring throughout the home. For example, if the dining room has a beautiful hardwood floor but the adjacent living room has a dingy carpet, consider having new hardwood installed in the living room to draw the area together. There is no wrong space for hardwood flooring and it can help give the entire home a facelift.

Not only will adding hardwood improve the appearance of your home, it will also increase the value of your home. Hardwood flooring is one of the only design elements that never goes out of style.

Reach Out To JRK Flooring

Whether you are looking to refinish the hardwood flooring in your new home or you wish to add new hardwood flooring throughout, we can help you improve the value and appearance of any space. As local Kansas City hardwood flooring experts, we are equipped to assist you with all your hardwood flooring needs. Talk to us today about why hardwood flooring is the perfect investment for your new home.