Getting The Most Out of Your Hardwood Floors Infographic

Hardwood floors are a beautiful aspect of a home. However, without proper care, your hardwood can quickly fade in color and get heavily scratched from moving furniture and heavy foot traffic. You want your floors in tip-top shape to avoid needing them replaced in the future and keep the value of your home high.

At JRK Flooring, a leading hardwood floor company in Johnson County, we are here to share four simple changes you can begin taking to ensure the quality of your hardwood floors.

  1. Refinish Your Floors

If you are completely unsatisfied with your hardwood floors, yet don’t have the finances to replace them, consider hiring a hardwood floor refinishing company in Johnson County. Refinishing involves sanding off a thin layer of your current hardwood, smoothing it out and removing any dents and scratches. Then it is stained and coated with oil-based finishing polyurethane. Getting your floors professionally refinished by a hardwood refinishing company in Johnson County is a cheaper alternative to replacement and will make your floors look brand new!

  1. Stay Consistent on Cleaning

After a hardwood flooring refinishing company in Johnson County has refinished your floors, you want to keep them looking as clean and polished for as long as possible. Granted, dragging in debris from the outdoors and dust is inevitable, but staying consistent on cleaning your floors will help keep their shape tremendously.

Many people assume sweeping with a broom will get rid of any debris; however, it just spreads dust in the air. Instead of a traditional broom, opt for a microfiber dust mop instead. Additionally, if your floor is coated with polyurethane, mopping your floors with a hardwood approved cleaner will do the trick.

  1. Accent Rugs are Your BFF

Not only do accent rugs add a nice, complimentary touch to your room, they are also great for keeping your hardwood floors away from scratches and scuffs. Consider placing accent or area rugs in high traffic spots of your home to avoid your hardwood getting worn.

  1. Be Aware of Humidity Levels

Did you know wood expands and contracts throughout the year? Humidity and hardwood floors do not get along well. If your home experiences high humidity, your hardwood floors will begin to buckle and create gaps between the floorboards. If you notice gaps, contact a hardwood floor company in Johnson County to assess the damage. To avoid this, consider using a humidifier during the dry seasons and a dehumidifier in the humid seasons.

As a leader in refinishing hardwood flooring in Johnson County and knowledgeable floor experts, we at JRK Flooring get asked all the time how to maintain the condition of hardwood floors. If you want to achieve quality floors, follow the tips mentioned above. Consider starting by contacting a wood flooring refinish company in Johnson County and begin the journey to beautiful hardwood floors today.