Your home floors hold up just about everything you own. Whether it’s a variety of furniture, the appliances you use everyday, or simply staying sturdy as you walk over them time and time again, your floors are resilient and reliable, always supporting you when you need them. They add to the overall aesthetic of your space, and they are yours to personalize and improve as you see fit. 

But sometimes, your floor’s can get a little more than they bargained for. Whether it’s an excess of people, the moving of furniture and other heavy objects, or wet and dirty spots that are unattended to, sometimes this excess of rough conditions can leave your floor looking worse for wear. The holidays are an especially common time for this excess of rough conditions on your floor, with family gatherings, rearranging furniture layouts in rooms, and tracking in the snow and rain from the colder temperatures. Luckily, a trustworthy flooring specialist like JRK Flooring in Kansas City can do everything, from repairing and replacing trouble spots, to making your home floors look like new with quality refinishing and refurbishing services. Keep reading to learn a few tips on how you can maintain your home’s floors for the holidays, and how JRK Flooring and Kansas City might be able to help.

Remove Wet Spots

The holiday period usually refers to the months of November through January, as that contains Thanksgiving, Christmas / Hanukkah, and New Year’s, all in a fairly short period. But something that also inherently comes with this time of year is colder temperatures and occasionally some cold precipitation. Whether it’s rain, a little bit of snow, or just muddy slush from the road, there is often a lot of inclement weather. And even with a sealed up house, it’s still possible for you to track in some of the snow or slush on your beautiful home floors as you go in and out of the house. These snow or slush tracking can turn into wet spots, wet spots that if left unattended, can cause damage to your floor and be a hazard for people walking on it. Make sure to wipe up and completely remove any wet spots you see, or any snow that you see before it turns into a wet spot. 

Outfit Furniture With Pads

These holiday months also bring a variety of family members and friends into your home,  maybe at times even stretching the capacity of a specific room’s furniture layout. This often requires some rearranging of furniture, like moving a dining table more to the center of a room, or rotating a couch and allowing foot traffic to pass through the living room more easily. But we have all heard the sound of furniture feet scraping loudly across a wood floor and the telltale marks on flooring it leaves behind. It’s a hard noise on the ears, and a horrible sound for any homeowner who is proud of their flooring, because it can cause so much damage. Ensure that the legs of all of your furniture have felt pads on the bottom, so you can move furniture more easily, and without causing damage to your flooring.

Rugs and Mats

For any homeowner with a nice wooden floor, rugs and mats are a must, both for aesthetic and functionality. A bare and open flooring layout with only furniture to break up the spacing can make for a weirdly empty looking space; rugs and mats offer a complimentary style to the space, filling it with comfortable design features as well as protecting the flooring below from foot traffic and debris. During the holidays, not only will you want to show off your aesthetically pleasing flooring space to your friends and family, your flooring is likely to experience more foot traffic and debris. That means that the more rugs and mats you can properly utilize on your flooring for the holidays, the better it will look, and the better your floors will last during all the increased commotion.

Consistent Sweeping

Consistent sweeping is a must for any homeowner with quality flooring they want to maintain. As you know, carpets may trap and hold more dust, hair, and debris, but they also hide it better. Your flooring probably already requires fairly consistent sweeping in order to pick up the debris that collects in corners over time, but during the holiday season, it’s even more important to remain diligent regarding the sweeping of your floors. The holidays often bring a lot more people into your home than normal, which means a lot more foot traffic. But when there is dust and debris on your floor, stepping or walking on this debris can scrape it along your flooring and scratch or damage your flooring over time. Consistent sweeping can mitigate this issue, as well as keeping your floors clean and tidy looking.

Call JRK Flooring

As much pride and desire as you might have to take care of your own flooring, nothing can really compare to the services of a flooring professional. That’s where JRK Flooring Kansas City comes in. We can offer a wide variety of flooring services that will keep your flooring maintained, reliable, and looking great, all at an affordable rate during the busy and expensive period of the holidays. We can offer high-quality flooring replacement and installation if you’re looking for a new floor to dazzle your family members and change your home aesthetic. We can also offer high-end flooring refinishing services and repair services, giving your flooring the optimal look and new look. We can even offer a simple professional flooring consultation; our flooring experts can look over your floor and give you the solid advice you want regarding the quality, condition, and service your floors may require.

Hardwood Floor Refinish Infographic

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Quality flooring services aren’t always easy to come by, especially when you need them most like during the holiday season. Don’t wait – JRK Flooring in Kansas City can provide you with the quality flooring services you want. Contact us today and see how we can help you!