Gorgeous refinished hardwood floors from JRK Flooring

Offering consulting services seemed like a natural progression for us, as we see floors in all conditions in almost every type of setting. The purpose of a consultation is to evaluate, advise and possibly repair your hardwood flooring but more about that process in a bit. Of the many types of hardwood floor consulting we do, the most rewarding is the project that we get to see through from start to finish. Seeing our customers go from frustrated about their floors to ecstatic is worth all of the hard work.       

A Disappointing Purchase

The way the world works today it can seem that the attention to detail and a commitment to customer service is severely lacking. While that may be true in some areas, the contracting industry is pretty self policing, particularly in this age of internet reviews and anonymous postings. That being said, substandard work gets by everyday and it can be frustrating for the homeowner, particularly if it is your hardwood floors that are not up to your standards. Many times it is not the fault of the supplier of the hardwood floor but rather a group of inexperienced installers or a clueless salesperson. When you buy a hardwood floor from one of those big box home improvement retailers or a flooring megastore you are not facing the installers when you choose the flooring. The sales professional at the megastore is probably genuinely concerned that you are getting what you want for your home but is generally more concerned with making commission off of the sale. At the big box retailer your sales person could be covering for the flooring expert from the fertilizer department and has zero to little knowledge about hardwood flooring. In either of these situations it is easy to end up with a floor that you absolutely hate.

A Disappointing Installation

Let’s say you end up with a floor that you are extremely excited about, the salesperson was on point and everything seems right with the world, until the van shows up. Straight out of a Cheech and Chong movie, the ragged crew piles out, stumbling to the door. They seem nice enough but appear to work much too quickly for a quality installation job and are finished in a few hours when the salesperson told you it would take at least a day. When they pack up and leave everything seems to be in order and the installation a success. As time goes by, however, you start to notice little details that the crew missed. Things like the planks not fitting together, the floor warping or the worst of all, cracking. All of these conditions could have been prevented with proper installation techniques. One of the more common installation issues we see is that after the floor is laid down, the hardwood must be properly treated and sealed in order to last. A shoddy or rushed staining and sealing process is common with inexperienced installers and can be difficult to notice until a time later.    

The Hidden Gem

Of course being unhappy with the way your hardwood flooring was installed or refinished is not the only reason to consider a consultation. It could be that you are simply wondering what could be. Like many people out there, you probably wonder what you can do with your floors to make them more current or reveal what is hidden underneath. This part of home archeology is what really gets us fired up, discovering a beautiful hardwood floor after years of being hidden under carpet. At some point in the 60s or 70s hardwood floors went through a phase where they were not fashionable. As a result, this generation went out in force and covered every square inch of hardwood flooring in America with shag carpeting and linoleum with flowers all over it. Sheets of spongy plastic and synthetic, blue and green carpeting replaced gorgeous oak and maple hardwood floors. These people were so enamored with the carpet of the day that they actually put it on the walls. Some of you may even remember those poor people used to actually rake their carpet. No kidding, shag carpeting had its own special rake and people actually used them. Anyway, under some of these monstrosities resided perfectly salvageable hardwood flooring, many lying dormant for decades. If you suspect that your carpet, linoleum or carpet is hiding vintage hardwood flooring it is time to contact JRK Flooring for a consultation.

Consultation Services

Of course, our consultation services do not simply cover shoddy installation and hidden flooring, we are an amazing resource or anything hardwood floor related. Let’s say you are a DIY fanatic and are determined to replace and finish your hardwood flooring yourself. Utilizing the JRK Flooring consulting services will give you a lifeline if you are stuck or unsure of just how to go about the installation. It could be that you are considering replacing your carpet with hardwood flooring but don’t know where to turn, after all it is a big decision to make the switch. At JRK we are confident in our installation expertise and ultimately what we wanted to accomplish with our consultation services is provide our clients with the finest customer service experience. We still believe in the old fashioned way of doing business and our proud to serve our friends and neighbors in Kansas City. Please give us a call for more information about our consultation services. We hope to hear from you soon and thank you for your business.