Problems Your Hardwood Floor May Experience Featured Image

While hardwood is a very reliable and beautiful flooring material, problems still can occur. If not taken care of properly, wood can be impacted tremendously from moisture content. As the premiere hardwood floor refinishing company in Jackson County, we have worked on hardwood floors in nearly every condition possible. 

  • Cupping
    Simply put, cupping is when the edges of a wooden floorboard are higher than the center. This is the result of moisture and hardwood flooring coming in contact, whether it is from high humidity or a water spill. The moisture absorbs into the wood, which causes the deformation of the edges. 
  • Crowning
    Opposite of cupping, crowning is when the middle of the floorboard is higher than its edges. This is also the natural response to moisture absorption, which causes the wood to swell and push against each other, resulting in its bulge. Crowning can occur if a floor was cupping but then was sanded before the moisture could even dry and return to normal. By hiring professionals at a JRK Flooring, however, the right steps will be taken to ensure this doesn’t happen. 
  • Buckling
    Unless you experience flooding, you should be relatively safe from your hardwood floors buckling. JRK Flooring will say this is the most extreme reaction to moisture, as the wood pulls itself up from the subfloor. Not only is it unsightly but can create tripping hazards if not addressed.
  • Gaps
    During the dry season of winter when you turn your furnace on to heat your home, the humidity levels plummet. With little humidity, your hardwood floors become dry and shrink. Gaps then occur between the floorboards as thick as a dime. This is a widespread problem professional contractors come across. To prevent gaps from occurring, we suggest running a humidifier during dry seasons. 
  • Dark Spots
    As you may be able to tell by now, water and hardwood floors do not mix. If you see a dark stain on your floor, your most likely have water damage. To fix this, the first thing to do is to locate the water source. This typically comes from a leak in appliances such as a dishwasher or faucet, although in some cases it can be hidden in the walls. If you can’t find the source, you should call JRK Flooring to assess the damage and locate where the problem is coming from.

If you notice any damage among your hardwood floors, we suggest contacting your local hardwood flooring experts at JRK Flooring. By ignoring the signs and not fixing the problems, you run the risk of even more damage than you started with. But by taking action now, you may only need to replace a few floorboards and then get them refinished by a professional to avoid more problems occurring in the future.