What Do Your Squeaky Floors Mean Infographic

You’ve seen it before in movies – the teenager attempting to sneak out of their house late at night to go to a party without their parents knowledge until… *squueeakk*. They stepped on just the right (or should we say wrong) floorboard, giving away the escape plan for their parents to find out from the other room.

While squeaky floors are an excellent indicator if a teenager is escaping or coming home late for parents, they can actually be quite annoying. So what exactly causes our floors to make noise? Well, there are a few reasons.

The first thing your local hardwood floor refinishing company will suggest is movement – both actively being stepped on and the floor physically moving. A couple of factors causes movement, one being seasonal changes. Once the weather outside starts to cool, homeowners turn on their heat, creating dry conditions inside the home. Without decent humidification, the wood floors start to contract causing tension, resulting in gaps, cupping, and cracks.

Secondly, there may be problems with your subfloor. If there is a void below, you are inviting your floors to move, which like we previously mentioned, creates a squeak. Voids can include uneven or damaged joists, or if floor joists are spaced too far apart. A joist is what supports a floor over a large area, like a basement, from the weight of people and furniture. If a joist is not leveled, over time a gap will develop, and nails will be pulled loose due to the area being stepped on, causing the subfloor to be sucked down and then back up again.

Your local hardwood floor company will also tell you that improper installation is, unfortunately, another reason for floor squeaks. When a contractor is in a rush or not paying enough attention, they may either not lay sheeting on top of the glue fast enough, use a nail gun resulting in missing the floor joist under the sheeting or use inadequate fasteners.

You may be thinking, “All of that info is great, but how do I get my floors to stop making noise?” If you are experiencing squeaky floors, whether it’s from seasonal change or subfloor problems, it’s a good idea to call a hardwood refinishing company to see what’s going on. It may even be time to refinish your hardwood floors. At JRK Flooring, the premiere hardwood floor company in Johnson County, we offer practical solutions to squeaky floors and refinishing hardwood flooring in.

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