Image of Mop on Hardwood Floor

A little dirt never hurt anybody, right? With hardwood, their strength and sturdiness can put up a tough fight against the daily interactions between feet and floor. The dirt brought in from outside, the scuffling of shoes—it goes without saying that our hardwood floors put up with a lot. For this reason, it’s essential to show them love on a consistent basis. In our acts of care and cleaning, we want to make sure we’re using the best cleaners for hardwood out there. Check out this list for ideas on how to keep your floors looking shiny and bright all year long.

*Note: As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, moisture and hardwood do not mix well. It’s important to avoid using water or water-based cleaners when taking care of your hardwood floor. Additionally, stay away from vinegar, as it will dull the finish of the floor. Soap and wax leave residue, so steer clear of these two as well. All of these cleaners work really well with other surfaces, but hardwood is not one of them.

For Dirt and Debris: Microfiber Cloth

We have all debated whether or not our hardwood floor needed sweeping. Depending on the shade of hardwood stain, dust and dirt might not be easy to spot, leaving us to conclude that sweeping can be put off for another day or so. Yet even just tiny grains of dirt or a small rock can get pressed or dragged into the surface of the floor, putting the finish at risk for scratches.

One of the best ways to combat the effects of dirt and debris on a hardwood floor is using a microfiber cloth. These types of cloth use static electricity to pick up tiny particles, and are very gentle on the surface of the wood. Additionally, consider installing a mudroom or even just putting in a mat near the beginning of the hardwood floor to serve as a barrier to the dirt that can be tracked in.

For a Polished Look: A Dry Mop, Polish

The finish on hardwood is what we see when we look at the floor, and the actual wood resides underneath. Sometimes we might feel a need to scrub at something that seems scuffed or marked up, but with wood, less is oftentimes more. Especially since, as previously mentioned, using water can have negative effects on hardwood. Resist the urge to use water if you can help it!

Use something like a Swiffer dry mop to go over your floor, and, once every couple of months, go over your floor with polish. As Bona reports, “Polishing your floor fills in microscopic scratches and evens out a floor’s protective surface.” It’s not super time-consuming, and will both repair some minor damage while simultaneously making your hardwood floor look amazing.

For a Deep Clean: Sanding and refinishing.

About once every 3-5 years, consult with a specialist about sanding and refinishing your floor. Sanding will strip away the existing finish, which has served loyally as a shield against the wood for several years. After this process, a new finish is applied, and you have the option of choosing a different color for your finish if you wish to overhaul the look of the room. The combination of sanding and refinishing are exceptional at repairing damage that may have previously seemed irreparable. By the time everything is finished, you’ll feel like you have a brand new floor!

With all of these cleaning tips for your hardwood floor, your home is going to look nothing short of spotless. Having hardwood floors increases the value of a home, but simply “having” it is only half the battle. Like with so many components of being a homeowner, it’s critical to perform regular upkeep and maintenance to sustain a home’s value. To keep it looking fresh and to save yourself money down the road, implement these hardwood floor cleaning tips into your daily, monthly, and yearly routines.

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