We have all been there at one time or another. Whether it be a refrigerator that took a nosedive or a washing machine that is circling the drain, it is a sad fact of home ownership that eventually, something will break. While the culprit is generally home appliances, the infrastructure of your home is also susceptible to wear and tear. A sudden hail storm can trash a roof, too many years in the sun can damage window frames and constant, heavy use can destroy a hardwood floor. Sometimes the best thing you can do is pull the plug and install a replacement. Of course at JRK Flooring, we would rather see you try and salvage that seemingly unrepairable hardwood floor. There are many hardwood flooring companies out there that make their money by ripping up perfectly good flooring in order to make more of a profit. We think this is a blatant ploy to sell new flooring, plus not many companies have the expertise to refinish and repair a hardwood floor like we can.

The First Signs

With normal use and proper care, a hardwood floor will last for decades. The problem begins when preventative maintenance is not considered and the floor is allowed to deteriorate. When the coating (varnish, sealant, etc…) is removed from the hardwood through normal everyday wear and tear. One of the primary reasons for hardwood floor coatings is to retain the integrity of the wood itself, which if left to the elements would disintegrate fairly quickly. Once the sealant is removed the floor is susceptible to liquid spills, wear and drying out. Once the coating is gone the hardwood floor has very little time to be saved. One of the first signs is yellowing and flaking of the sealant. The unions between the individual planks will begin to warp and the wood itself will begin to curl slightly due to either drying out or absorbing moisture. Floors in this condition are salvageable but the best way to know for sure is to have an evaluation performed by a professional like JRK Flooring. We offer comprehensive consultation services so you can be sure that your floor needs to be replaced and is not salvageable.

The Downhill Slide

Once you have a floor that is flaking its sealant and beginning to curl, it is likely that your floor will continue to degrade unless you act quickly. A little TLC will go a long way and depending on how severe the damage is, we may be able to mold your floor back to its former glory. Speaking of mold, if a floor in bad shape is exposed to liquid, either from the air or from spills, the wood may develop mold. Once mold takes hold no amount of repair will save the infected planks. If mold is widespread, the damage can move into the subfloor and create structural issues when the wood begins to degrade.

It’s Time

When a floor is warped, cracked, infested with mold and looks like it would give you a splinter, it is time to give up and replace it. As we said before, JRK Flooring is an advocate of repair and refinishing of hardwood floors. We will do everything we can to save your existing hardwood flooring. Of course when it is time for a new floor, we are the leading hardwood flooring installer in Kansas City. We believe in providing our customers with the best possible experience and laying down a floor that will delight for generations. There are many exciting options to consider when installing a new hardwood floor; factors such as color, species of wood and options like cork are things to consider. You can virtually change the entire look of your home with a new hardwood floor and maybe even increase the value. If you are ready to see if your hardwood floor is worth saving, worth repairing or needs replacement, please contact JRK Flooring for more details. When we install a new hardwood floor for our clients we are committed to providing maintenance and repair for the hardwood floor. Join the JRK family today!