Let’s face it — a five year old can destroy a modest, four bedroom ranch. They are little whirlwinds of destruction and can wreak havoc on your hardwood floors. The best number you can keep next to your phone, besides poison control and 911, is the number for JRK Flooring. JRK Flooring has been in the business of refinishing, repairing and replacing hardwood floors in the Kansas City area for more than 6 years and our experience runs back almost two decades. So it is safe to say, if it has happened to a hardwood floor, we have probably seen it. If you can imagine it, chances are, we have fixed it, but nothing can compare to the day that Melissa from Overland Park had in late 2013. Fortunately, this time, the five year old was not at fault.

Late June 2013

Beautiful hardwood floors just beneath the surfaceThe day began as most did for Melissa and her five year old son Ian. Ian was in his room eating pancakes and watching professional wrestling. Melissa was getting ready, as her husband had to go to work early that day. The weather was overcast and occasionally, the thunder would roll along the city in waves of sound. As Melissa was getting out of the shower, she heard a thump, thump, thump, coming from the first floor. Not thinking much of it, she continued to get ready for the day. Upon going downstairs and reaching the kitchen, the damage was apparent. The washing machine had exploded and flooded the entire first level, leaving Melissa’s hardwood floors under an inch of water. It turns out that a toy wrestler had become lodged in the inlet of the washing machine and blown the supply hose off, spraying water everywhere. The hardwood flooring professionals at JRK Flooring are at the ready to handle a hardwood flooring emergency like this. We can make sure that your floors do not succumb to the water damage. So give us a call today if you need restoration, repair or replacement of your hardwood floors, because you never know when a two inch tall wrestler will ruin your day.