cta-box3The time for summer vacations is upon us. We all have visions of loading up the car and heading off into the great expanse of America and feeling the freedom of our forefathers. The 4th of July is over already and it seems like the summer is quickly coming to a close. So make those vacation plans to see some of the weirdest stuff that America has to offer! First, however, give us a call at JRK Flooring and let us schedule a complete refurbishment of your hardwood floors. We will come in and refinish your floors while you and your family are on vacation. We are trusted professionals and will make your floors look as if they were brand new. So while you are gone do not worry about us, we will get to work refinishing your floors.

Summer Vacation

The thing about getting the family in the car and heading out into the great unknown is knowing where you and your family would have the most fun, because if a family vacation is not fun what is the point? Lots of people would say that destinations such as Disney or Branson are the best places to bring the family. All amazing destinations for those who enjoy that sort of entertainment.

If the insane amount of places to go makes it difficult to decide on a destination, grab yourself a map and a dart. Leave your destination up to the hand of fate. Toss that dart and go explore. Grab a tent and visit one of our incredible National Parks; it is difficult to describe the natural beauty that is available at the parks.  

Holding Down The Fort

Your family vacation is bound to be an enormous success and we would love the opportunity to refinish your hardwood floors while you are exploring the countryside. We want your jaw to drop when you walk into your home. Call us today for a free evaluation!

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