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Let’s think about snow. Ahhhhhhh, remember snow? Right now the heat is threatening to melt the concrete off of the road but think back to those beautiful snowstorms. You know the ones where your face feels like it is going to crack and freeze. Doesn’t that sound absolutely fantastic right now? Kansas City is in the most diverse weather regions in the country. One day we have the threat of tornados and hail; a month later we could be facing the threat of freezing rain. We live for the glorious fall days and mild springtime afternoons but the reality is, the weather can be extremely tough on your hardwood flooring. JRK Flooring is a leader in the Kansas City area for hardwood floor refinishing, repair and replacement.


To keep your hardwood floors in the optimum shape the temperature needs to be the same, all year round. The humidity in your home must remain constant, all year round. Sure doesn’t sound like a situation that is entirely possible, especially for an unpredictable climate like Kansas City. Your home is probably fairly stable as far as temperature and humidity is concerned but your wooden floors still react to the inevitable changes.

Living Floors

Think of your hardwood floors as living things, well maybe responsive is a better term. Your hardwood floors swell and contract with the changes in temperature and humidity. Over time, this strains the fit of the individual boards, and the condition if the finish. To combat this continual shifting of your floor it is best to have your hardwood floors refinished by the professionals at JRK Flooring. We will refinish and repair your floor and leave it looking as good as new. Expensive? Think again. We are Kansas City’s lowest-cost hardwood flooring experts. Ask about our $1.99 special today!Bona-Certified-Craftsman-300x3002

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