JRKlogo-300x103Every once in awhile we get incredibly interesting letters from people who seem to be a little… to put it lightly, a little off. When you are Kansas City’s most trusted and admired hardwood flooring company, things like that can be expected. What can we say, it is a burden we must bear. It might be our $1.99 special or the fact that we offer the best prices in the Kansas City area, but we like to think that the quality of work is what sets us apart. We are able to make floors look like new, we don’t compromise on quality and are here for all of your hardwood flooring needs.

#1 Fan

We have a fan out there named Tim and he writes us about flooring from time to time. Tim loves wooden flooring and his enthusiasm borders on excessive, but like all of our customers we love Tim. He writes:

Dear JRK Flooring,

before.after.prairie.villageHi it’s Tim again, and I have to tell you about how much I love my floor… again. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have had JRK install my hardwood floor. I do however, have one minor issue. I must return from where I originally came but, I am very sad to leave my gorgeous hardwood floor. You see, I am able to travel through time with the aid of a very rare crystal that can only be found in a volcano in the middle of the Indian Ocean. I have been in Kansas City for five years now and I feel that it is time to go back to the year 2416. I will miss you greatly and my floor even more. I wanted to say goodby and invite you to my going away party, (we will have balloon animals.)

I love you,


Thanks Tim! We love you too! Be careful buddy and we would love a balloon flamingo!

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