The undeniable beauty of refinished hardwood flooring from JRK Flooring

Hardwood floors are the most underrated part of your home. Ok, so that might be somewhat of an exaggeration but, remember when you put in your floors? How you promised to love them and diligently maintain their initial beauty? Time passes quickly and one day, walking in the door, it occurs to you that those gorgeous hardwood floors are looking a bit like an explosion has taken place. It is a consequence of real life, difficult to avoid in active families.hard1

Unavoidable Consequences

The degradation of hardwood floors is a gradual one, let’s face it, they just lay there and allow you to walk all over them. They go unnoticed most of the time unless it is time to clean or a spill occurs. Maybe your floors have something in common with the carpets in the Vegas casinos, they are so bad that your eyes are forcibly diverted elsewhere. So what happened?


As I mentioned before, real life happened. Kids, dogs, dirt, snow, rain; all factor into the way a wood floor eventually wears. Kids are joyful little creatures but, be warned, starting at the time they begin to walk they have but one goal when it comes to your home. Destroy! Spills, toys, dragging the cat across the living room by its tail; all of these things will wreck your floor in a child’s hands. Pets are difficult on floors and by nature, it is not easy for a 60 pound dog to stop on hardwood. If they do happen to stop, it is usually going to cause some damage.   

The decision is clear, and let us repair and refinish that floor to its former beauty! We will help you love your floors again. Contact us today for more information.