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What’s hiding in your home? In movies it is usually an angry ghost or something sinister, like a doorway to a world where an angry monster is hiding in wait. It seems that the common theme is that if your home is hiding something, it is generally angry. What secrets are your home hiding? If it is a 20th century home with carpet, chances are, there may be a hidden jewel underneath that dingy carpet. JRK Flooring is Kansas City’s expert hardwood flooring expert and have many years of serving the hardwood flooring needs of our neighbors.

The Big Mystery

What are the odds that your home is hiding a hardwood floor? It all depends on the vintage of the home and the specifications to which your home was originally built. Carpet became a huge deal when the automation of manufacturing became accessible to everyone. During this time, many hardwood floors were covered up with carpeting and forgotten. Modern comforts that arose in the 50’s gave way to the classic beauty of hardwood flooring. It is almost enough to make a homeowner cry when they pull back the carpet and the angels begin to sing, behold, a gorgeous oak floor!  

Not So Beautiful

This was under the carpet!
This was under the carpet!

Well chances are, the floor is in pretty rough shape if it was laid over with carpet. Carpet pad remnants and soaked in stains are probably all over your hardwood floor. So what do you do? Refinishing an old hardwood floor is a large project and if you want it done right, call the experts at JRK Flooring. If you decide to refinish and redo your hardwood floor yourself, be prepared to find at least a few issues that will need attention. Things like repairs, large gaps or deep gouges. Keep in mind also that the time of year also matters as hardwood floors in the Kansas City area are prone to expanding and contracting with the seasons.

JRK Can Do It

The experts at JRK Flooring are fully equipped to refinish and repair your newly discovered hardwood floor. If you want quality results, it is best that you leave a project like this to the professionals. We will leave you with an incredible looking floor that will be a jewel in your home for years to come. Please give us a call and let us show you what we can do for your floors! Be sure and check out our gallery for before and after photos!

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