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When you own beautiful hardwood floors, you want to protect them from day-to-day wear and tear. While you can usually prevent most damage through simple care, such as removing your shoes inside the house and cleaning daily, some damage can be harder to prevent. If you own any four-legged pals, it can be difficult to know how to best prevent long-term damages from occurring.

The good news is that owning a dog and having hardwood flooring is not impossible. By taking proper care of both your pet and your floors, you can prevent the worst of damages from occurring. Our team has years of experience working with pet owners who also have hardwood floors in Kansas City. We can help you keep your hardwood floors shiny and stunning, no matter how many furry friends reside in your home. Read on for more tips about how you can best care for hardwood floors as a dog owner.

Keep Your Dog’s Nails Trimmed

When it comes to protecting your hardwood flooring, you will need to not only provide the proper care for your floors, you will also need to provide the right care for your dog. One of the number one ways pets can damage hardwood flooring is through scratching and gouging it. This usually occurs because the dog’s nails are too long. When you do not trim your dog’s nails, they will quickly scratch up the floors as they run throughout the home.

The more your dog weighs, the more important this will become. A large dog will cause deep scratches, particularly if it is an active dog. Think of untrimmed nails as the equivalent to walking around your home in stilettos. Not only will your hardwood appreciate your dog’s trimmed nails, you will also enjoy the added comfort of not being stabbed by their nails.

Utilize Crate Training To Your Advantage

Nail scratching is not the only thing that your dog can do that will damage your hardwood. If Fido has an accident that isn’t cleaned up right away, their urine can lead to severe damages to the finish. The longer urine sits on the floor, the more severe and irreversible the damages will be. If you see your dog has an accident, wipe up the pee right away. When you get to it quickly, you can prevent any damage from occurring.

During times that you are going to be away from home, utilize crate training to prevent accidents. This will be particularly useful if you are raising a puppy. Even older dogs can have accidents when you are away for long periods of time, which makes a crate a useful method for protecting your floors. Otherwise, you can use a room in the home that doesn’t feature hardwood as a safe place to leave your pup.

Avoid A High Glossy Shine

The reality is that dogs will always add an extra amount of wear and tear to your floors, no matter how diligent you are in keeping their nails trimmed. An extremely high-gloss finish with bright lighting will make even the smallest nicks and the first sign of fur noticeable. Opt for a less shiny finish to help mask daily wear.

Refurbished and distressed wood can also be a good choice for pet owners. With a style that is more rugged, you can worry less about the small scratches. Utilize a lower lighting as well to help the room look soft and inviting, rather than a strong lighting that will highlight blemishes.

Implement Rugs In High Traffic Areas

If you know your dogs have a set run path through your home, implement rugs to prevent constant wear and tear. You can place long rugs down hallways and near doors that your dogs utilize to cut down on scratching. The faster your dog is whipping through an area, the worse the damage to your flooring will be.

Rugs will help pad and protect the area. Not only will this cut down on scratching, it will also help keep the area cleaner. Rugs will trap the dirt on your dog’s paws, preventing this dirt from scratching up your floors as well.

Keep Up With Cleaning

Dogs bring an extra amount of dirt into the home. They can track in grit and grime, which can then lead to damage to your flooring. When gritty dirt is left on your floors, it can be dragged across the floor by feet and paws leading to scratching and wear upon the hardwood.

Make sure that you clean your floors daily when you have dogs in the home. Not only should you clean up any dirt that finds its way inside, you should also clean your dog’s paws when they come and go from the house. This is particularly true on rainy days, as mud can cake into their paws and find its way all across your home.

Refinish Your Floors More Often

Make sure that when you own dogs, you pay attention to when your floors are in need of refinishing. If you keep up with maintenance as you go, it will prevent you from needing to completely replace your flooring system. Check for signs of wear and tear and talk to our team about refinishing your hardwood floors as needed. We can help you pick the best finish for your specific needs as a pet owner. Talk to your local Kansas City hardwood floor experts today to get started.