In the hardwood flooring industry, there are so many options to consider when deciding what to do with your hardwood floor, especially if you hate the way your floors look. You could cover it with carpet, but really why would you want to cover a potentially gorgeous wood floor with carpet? You could replace it, but why do that to a perfectly good floor that just needs a bit of love? What if you want to change the color of your floor and patch up some of the imperfections? Regardless of what you desire of your floors, JRK Flooring is the leader in the Kansas City area. At JRK we have had extremely good luck refinishing some challenging original hardwood floor, and our customers have loved the results.         

Refinishing Hardwood Floors 

In this day and age, styles change so quickly that it can seem impossible to keep up, much less make a choice about the styling of your home. The day when granite countertops and stainless steel appliances are considered outdated is probably not far off. Remember avocado green appliances and orange countertops? Regardless, a hardwood floor is the most versatile feature you can have inside of your home. Carpet dates itself, appliances become obsolete, and we all know what happens with wallpaper. A hardwood floor is an investment and will stand the test of time if taken care of. At JRK Flooring we are master refinishers of neglected hardwood flooring. We have found that the wood itself will be in pretty good shape, all that is needed is a bit of elbow grease and a lot of TLC. Of course the proper technique and the right products make all the difference when refinishing a floor. That is why we use DuraSeal® Quick Coat for our stain, we have found that DuraSeal provides the quality finish that our clients expect when they are having their floors refinished.

Refinishing Success Is All In The Prep

Sanding and refinishing the hardwood floors of Kansas CityNo product, however expensive it is, is magic and must be applied with the utmost care and skill. The process of refinishing a hardwood floor begins with the proper preparation. Much like anything, the final result depends entirely on the proper preparation and cut corners are easy to spot on a refinished floor. We begin by stripping the floor of all previous applications of sealant or wax and make certain that all of the trouble areas are repaired. Surface preparation is the most critical part of the process, and without adequate time spent on making the wood just right, the floor will look terrible when complete. We take the time to properly strip and sand the wood for a finish that will allow the beauty of the wood to shine through, without the distraction of poorly executed preparation. Once the process of preparing the wood for stain is complete, it is ready for stain, polyurethane and sealant. At JRK Flooring, we do not cut corners and provide each of our customers with the refinished hardwood floor that they have always dreamed about. Be sure and contact JRK for a free estimate and an in-home consultation, let us save your floor!