Last time we talked about types of hardwood flooring that were considered sustainable. Basically the premise is that, due to the popularity of hardwood flooring, utilizing more eco-friendly types of wood can benefit the environment. At JRK FLooring, we take that philosophy to a different level in that we would rather repair and refinish your floor than replace it. Many companies will try and sell you a brand new floor when all your current hardwood floor needs is a little love. We have developed a great system for refinishing a floor that may look like it is beyond help. We believe it saves money, is better for the environment and is more responsible than ripping up a perfectly good wood floor. That being said, sustainability is very popular these days but a black market in the flooring industry is dealing in illegal wood.


The instances of how much illegal hardwood makes it successfully onto US soil is unknown, but it is smuggled much like drugs and is coveted by those that desire exotic wood that is not available for a variety of reasons. It could be a protected species of tree or a very rare species of wood, regardless of the circumstances the practice is much more prominent than people generally realize. Much like poaching animals around the world is decimating populations of animals like tigers and gorillas, the poached trees are also leaving a void in the ecosystem. China is a large part of the smuggling of these woods and figuring out where the trees were poached from is almost impossible.

Much More Common Than You May Think

Many large flooring suppliers have been caught importing illegal hardwood from all over the world and many times it is simply due to the fact that the price is right. There are current laws on the books for those who choose to utilize illegal hardwood and they are regularly enforced. Much like many diamond retailers refuse to carry blood diamonds, at JRK Flooring we use only legal hardwood flooring in our installations and repairs. Illegal logging creates bloodshed just like blood diamonds do. It devastates global forests and takes away valuable habitat for wildlife and indigenous people. Many of the illegal logging operations take place on protected land that has been set aside for indigenous people. Slash and burn clear cutting is the main method of removal.

Responsible Consumers                    

At JRK Flooring, we think of ourselves as responsible consumers. We put the needs of our customers first and our goal is to treat them with integrity, respect and compassion. We truly care about providing the best materials and service possible. So if you are ready to refinish, replace or even repair your hardwood floor, please give us a call. We are proud to have served Kansas City for as long as we have and we truly think of our clients as an extended family. So if you are considering replacing your hardwood floor check with JRK Flooring first you may just be surprised at what we can do for you.