Sanding and refinishing the hardwood floors of Kansas City

No matter the flooring type, our floors take a beating. We walk over them, play on them, try to slide as far as we can (without falling) across them, and so much more. Some of our best moments happen with our home’s hardwood flooring just beneath our feet. Our floors, whether we realize it or not, play such a substantial role in our lives, making up more than just our homes, but being a part of the memories we create there.

Hardwood floors are known for being significantly durable, and are the preferred flooring of choice for many homeowners, builders, and even realtors alike. Having hardwood flooring results in bringing increased value to your home, and so much of this value is due to hardwood’s sustainability. Yet as with any aspect or part of a household, damage and the subsequent repairs needed are inevitable. Take a look at some of the major causes of wear and tear on hardwood floors, and what you can do to remedy the damage.

The Damage: Scratches in the surface.

The Culprits: Pets, kids, moving furniture.

How to Fix It:

  • Pets: Dogs and cats in particular are the ones to watch with a hardwood floor. Their nails can unintentionally scrape across the floor, especially if they are running or sliding across the hardwood surface. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to protect your floor over time.
      • Keep your animal’s nails regularly trimmed. Taking your pet in for a grooming appointment is great for not only helping your animal maintain a healthy coat, but you can get their nails clipped as well. Most dogs should go in once every 6 weeks, but dogs with shaggier or longer coats should make a visit to the groomer once a month. Keeping a pet properly groomed is also a great way to reduce shedding, which will contribute to a more pristine-looking floor.
      • If scratches to your hardwood floor pose a greater risk due to high energy pets, train your animals to designate play time to other spaces around the house and/or yard. It can be easy to grab a toy and throw it across the wood floor, but work at limiting their playtime in rooms with hardwood floors. The durability of hardwood means it’s OK for animals to run across their surface, but taking these precautions will extend the life of your hardwood floor.
  • Kids: Especially in their younger years, playing and crawling on the floor is pretty common. Additionally, when we’re talking about kids, we’re talking about messes. Spills, stains, breaks, scratches, they come with the package. Protecting your hardwood floors from the liveliness of childhood is easy to do.
      • Correct, but don’t over-correct behavior. Accidents are so common, and shouldn’t be punished. Work with your kids on developing responsible habits, such as cleaning up a spilled glass of juice, or sweeping up a given area. If you see an intentional behavior, like scratching up the hardwood floor, talk with the child about why we need to respect the house and property in general. Not just a good lesson in the moment, but good for life as well!
      • As kids get older, discuss where certain activities should take place. Again, hardwood flooring is tough and it can withstand most of what everyday life can bring. But if you notice your 6-year-old and 8-year-old rollerblading through the kitchen, talk about a better space for them to have fun.
  • Moving Furniture: Imagine your beautiful hardwood floor has just been installed and finished. Now imagine a giant table being dragged across its surface. Not a pretty picture!
    • Work with movers for bigger pieces of furniture. Many moving services pride themselves on being extremely cautious with their moving process. They will likely understand that you want your gorgeous hardwood floor to stay gorgeous, and will take precautions to make sure your wishes are granted.
    • Using padding as necessary. If you’re moving a table or chairs that are too heavy to simply lift, place something non-abrasive underneath the contact points between the object and the hardwood floor. It’s a good idea to maintain some form of padding once your furniture is in place. Purchase adhesive pads to put under the legs of a table, or invest in a rug for your furniture to rest upon.

One of the bestDeeply inviting living spaces from JRK Flooring things about hardwood flooring is that scratches and scrapes are fixable most of the time. This is because much of the damage happens to the finish, and not the hardwood itself. Call JRK Flooring to help sand and refinish your hardwood flooring to make it look brand new once more!

The Damage: Uneven surfaces, such as cupping or buckling.

The Culprits: Moisture, moisture, and more moisture.

How to Fix It:

  • Cupping: If the center of the hardwood boards is lower than the sides of the flooring, this mean that cupping has taken place. The end result resembles that of a cup, where the center is concave in comparison to the sides. This happens with hardwood flooring when there’s a higher moisture content in the bottom of the floor than the the top.
      • With milder cases of cupping, drying out the floor can remedy the situation. This does not, however, look like putting the fan on and hoping for the best. More often than not, commercial drying services might be needed to draw air through the floor.
      • Much of controlling moisture comes from preventative measures. Working with hardwood flooring specialists like JRK Flooring ensure that installation happens only after the site and the wood itself are at the best moisture levels.
  • Buckling: As mentioned in a previous post, hardwood floor is practically a living entity. Boards need to be able to expand as the weather changes, otherwise they’ll buckle. In Kansas City, we know that the temperature will be dropping and rising all throughout the year, meaning boards will expand and contract, as well as experience varying levels of moisture and humidity.
    • Just as with cupping, much of buckling can be prevented. One of the biggest things is making sure the site for installation is of prime moisture condition. If you live in an area where flooding is common, make sure to talk with a specialist at JRK Flooring to produce the best results.
    • Go through an accredited installation company. Some buckling can be prevented simply by working with a trusted hardwood specialist. As Fine Home Building reports, “The cause of buckling is always moisture, and improper fastening can aggravate the condition.” Nails of the wrong size or that are spaced too far apart can put your hardwood floors at a higher risk for buckling.

At JRK Flooring, we are confident in our ability to provide you with the best possible service for your hardwood floors. The confidence we have in our expert services comes from the confidence our customers have in us. Our clients’ reviews speak to our business itself, and are why we are proud to be a trusted hardwood flooring company serving the Kansas City, Missouri area!

Whether you’re looking to refinish some of the scratches and scrapes that life seems to bring, or start on a new hardwood flooring journey entirely, we are the company you’ll want to call. Contact us for a free estimate today!