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When it comes to flooring styles, there is no flooring type that has a more enduring beauty than hardwood. Known throughout the years for their stunning design and outstanding strength, hardwood floors can add to the beauty of any room. When you own a home with hardwood flooring, you want to utilize the look and feel of it as a focal point of the room.

As experts in hardwood floors in Kansas City, we have years of experience helping clients refinish and refurbish old hardwood floors to help them stand out like new. We believe that nothing ties a room together better than the right hardwood floors. If you want to make your stunning hardwood the focal point of your room’s design, read on for tips on how to best use this gorgeous flooring style to your advantage.

Start By Refinishing Your Hardwood When Needed

Before you can get the most of out of the beauty of your hardwood, you might need to invest in hardwood floor refinishing. This will allow you to retain the gorgeous flooring your home already has but will take care of any major blemishes and gives you the opportunity to have the wood flooring stained to match your home’s style.

You can tell that your hardwood is in need of refinishing and restoration if you see visible water damage or the flooring has visibly worn spots. The good news is that hardwood floor refinishing will revitalize the floor you already have, which saves you money when compared to floor replacement. It is also an environmentally friendly option as you are not wasting perfectly good flooring materials.

Don’t Overdo It With Rugs

Once you have a beautifully refurbished hardwood floor, make sure you compliment it with the right amount of rugs. While you may enjoy the feel of a comfy rug between your toes, don’t get carried away with the rugs you utilize in each room. A simple and understated rug will allow for your hardwood flooring to still be the shining focal point of the room. In kitchens, dining rooms, and other locations where spills might occur, it is wisest to avoid the use of rugs altogether.

Rugs are best utilized in the center of a living room or at the entryway to your home. Make sure that when you choose rugs for the space, you pick something size appropriate to the room. A massive rug can overwhelm a small room and detract from the natural beauty of your hardwood flooring. A smaller rug that is centered in the middle of the room’s furniture will look better than a variety of rugs strewn throughout the space.

Keep Up With Cleaning And Care

No matter how gorgeous your hardwood flooring is, a lack of care and cleaning will leave it less than beautiful. Take the time to clean your floors once a day. Even a quick sweeping will go a long way in ensuring you don’t have a large amount of grime and dirt building up on the floors. Once you have swept your floors, you can determine if they need a deeper clean.

Use a soft microfiber cloth to clean your floors further and commit to polishing them at least once a week. Make sure that you avoid the use of water on hardwood floors as well as harsh chemical cleaners. Hardwood needs a gentle touch to be cleaned, not the force of a strong cleaner.

Pick Complimentary Decor

When choosing decorations for a room that features hardwood flooring, pick a style that will compliment the hardwood. For example, if you have a dark stained hardwood floor in your living room, pick out decorations that tie into the theme. You could add a richly colored wall painting with a matching wooden frame to bring an extra pop to the room.

When picking decorations and furniture, avoid woods that will clash with the stain of your hardwood floor. For example, if you have a dark hardwood floor, a piece of wooden furniture that is just a touch darker will not compliment the flooring. Instead, pick something that stands out against the flooring.

Use Furniture Padding

In order to keep your hardwood floor the beautiful focal point of your room not the eyesore of the home, make sure you protect it against ongoing damages. This is particularly true when you have a room where you will be rearranging the furniture frequently. Utilize furniture pads to keep the hardwood from being nicked, scratched, or gouged. This will ensure that even when the furniture is moved, the floor will still add beauty to the room.

Talk To The Kansas City Hardwood Flooring Pros

If you want to keep your hardwood flooring as the focal point of your home’s style and design, make sure it is at its absolute best. Talk to the pros on our team about hardwood floor refinishing. We can help restore your hardwood to its former glory, allowing you to utilize this stunning flooring style to bring added beauty to your home.

Not sure whether or not your hardwood floors in Kansas City are in need of refinishing? We can help. Reach out to our team and we will schedule an appointment to assess the condition of your flooring and to determine what will be the best solution for you. Remember, we not only restore damaged hardwood flooring, we also help homeowners who want to change the stain of their hardwood floors to match their home’s updated style. Reach out today to learn more about our services.