Picture a serene Sunday afternoon, you are lounging on the couch reading a good book, a candle burns on the coffee table, the soft afternoon sun pours over your hardwood floors. The kids are playing quietly in their room and your husband is fixing the sink in the kitchen. The candle flickers as if sending a warning of impending trouble. You are beginning to fall asleep, your eyes are heavy and you drift off into a peaceful slumber. Floating through the blissfulness of sleep, you hear what vaguely sounds like a waterfall and assume you are dreaming. That’s when the screaming begins.

Murphy’s nightmare

Followed closely by yelling kids, the cat runs into the living room, hitched, cowboy style, to a Barbie car. The poor thing is terrified but you have to admit it’s pretty funny. The cat tries to jump over the dog to the couch and the dog lunges up, smacking the candle to the floor, where sits the Sunday paper. The paper bursts into flames and you run to the kitchen for some water. You see your husband sitting on the floor rubbing his head, water spraying everywhere. He dropped a wrench on his head and knocked himself out, causing the water to spray all over the kitchen, drenching the hardwood floors. So now you have a burned spot on the floor in the living room and water damage in the kitchen. Time to give JRK Flooring a call for a wood floor restoration, we can make it look new again. The rest is up to you, but the thing with the cat though, that was pretty funny.