Deep, rich color flooring from JRK Flooring.

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when the most difficult choice must be made; what kind of hardwood floors to put in your home. You decide to pull up some carpet to check the subfloor and there, smiling back at you, are maple hardwood floors. This is a fantastic find that will go down in history as an unparalleled discovery of amateur archaeology. Well maybe not, but it sure is a great find and can make the decision of putting in new floors a little easier.background test

Tough Choices

You have two choices. You can replace the existing floors with new wood, meaning tearing up the existing floor and laying new flooring – yuck; or let the experts at JRK Flooring refinish it! That’s right, those beautiful old floors are from a bygone era and should be refinished! Don’t rip up the floors that you already have, we can help you fall in love with your floors again. Concerned that there may be damage to your floor? No problem, JRK Flooring is Kansas City’s expert hardwood floor repair company.

Don’t Make The Wrong Choice With your Floor

It is expensive and time consuming to replace your floors. We can schedule a free estimate to set your mind at ease and show you how refinishing may be a better option. We pledge to approach every single job with a sense of integrity and honesty. Please contact us as soon as possible and we can make the tough decisions easier. Don’t replace it, refinish it! Contact us for more information today!