Clearly the pharmacy has an event going on, it is as if the Roswell aliens have been revealed. Throngs of people mill around a nondescript canopy and you hear squeals of joy emanating from the crowd. Then you see it, and it strikes fear into the pit of your middle-aged heart. The sign that says “Puppy Adoption 10-6”. The only thing that you can hope for is that your wife and children took a different route home because your wife is notorious for adopting errant animals. Unfortunately it is clear, from the condition of your hardwood floors, your wife has an unnatural compassion for animals.  

New addition

Sure enough, you walk in the door and are instantly greeted by a pack of three dogs and four cats. A sigh slowly escapes your lips and you wish for simpler times when the only animals you ever saw were your idiot friends from college. You spot the new addition, curled up in your daughter’s lap, a pink ribbon around its neck.

“Daddy, look what we got today!” Your daughter is electric with excitement. You smile as the Bernese Mountain Dog puppy bounds over to you, immediately leaving scratches in your already abused hardwood floors.           

It is never too late

If you have any experience dealing with puppies, you know that things will get better… eventually. Animals have a tendency to destroy flooring, luckily the experts  at JRK Flooring are here to help. Are your floors scratched, faded, or warped? Let our experts take a look at the damage and we will put together a comprehensive plan to refinish your floors, refinishing is often much cheaper than replacement. So call today and let us restore your hardwood floors to its original beauty.