cta large 2The likelihood of a catastrophic event damaging your hardwood floors is pretty unlikely. Like a slowly crawling glacier, damage to your floors occurs over many years, barely visible. That is, until that one day the sunlight hits just right and the truly awful reality of your floors hits you. The first thing you should do is call JRK Flooring for Kansas City’s best prices on hardwood floor refinishing.

The Bad News

Well by now, you have hopefully requested a free estimate. (If you haven’t please click on the link to the right.) Our skilled technicians will be able to recommend the ideal repair for your hardwood floors; that could be refinishing, replacement or spot repair. For the sake of argument, let’s say your poor floor is beyond help and will need a replacement. Well, we know how sad that can be, we have to break that sort of tough news to our clients sometimes. Take heart though, you can now have more fun with your floor than you ever thought possible.

Moving On

As you contemplate the last days of your floor, think about what you have always wanted to do but, never allowed yourself. Well my friend, get out those roller skates and get funky! You can’t hurt your floor anymore because JRK Flooring is reloading it! So go crazy! Have that party you would never allow because you didn’t want to ruin your floors. Invite 150 of your closest friends and crank up the disco ball!

lower-bg1The Reality

Now trashing your old hardwood floors seems like an absurd idea when you have to replace them. We get it. You can take comfort in the fact that you will be paying the lowest prices in Kansas City for you hardwood flooring and getting experts to install it for you. So give us a call or fill out our contact sheet and we can get started on your new hardwood floors!

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