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hardwood-floor-repair1Let’s say you go away on vacation and accidentally leave your window open. The gentile spring thunderstorms we are accustomed to in Kansas City, are just gearing up and moving through. You jump the plane to Puerto Vallarta without a care in the world, then in between breakfast and your scuba lesson it dawns on you that you may have left the window open. You push it off, assuring yourself that you were only being paranoid and it will be fine.


Back at home the rain has fired up and appears to be targeting your house. The wind picks up and the tornado sirens sound with a deafening screech. The tree next to your house hits the gutter, breaking it off of the side of the house. The gutter falls into the open window and effectively funnels all of the water off of your roof into your living room.

Just Landed

Your vacation was totally worth it, that is until you step into your house. Your hardwood floors have become a moonscape of buckled and bowed pieces of timber. What are you to do? First things first, call JRK Flooring for an emergency consultation.

At JRK flooring, we are the first line of defence for your hardwood floors. We may be able to salvage a portion of the floor and repair the damage; we are more than capable of replacing your poor, damaged hardwood floor. We care about you and your family so give us a call today and see what a refinished floor can do for your home.