Hardwood floor refinishing is done for many different reasons. With time, the surface of the floor may start to break down, water can damage wood flooring, some homeowners choose to change the floor’s color to match home updates and some are refinished to repair minor problems that have developed over the years. Regardless of why you are seeking refinishing services, JRK is Kansas City’s hardwood refinishing professionals.

Step 1 – Inspection and Consultation

We begin the refinishing process by performing a thorough inspection. It’s important to ensure the floor is a good candidate for refinishing before we get started. We take the time to consult with our customers in order to understand their expectations for the refinish. Once we collectively establish the goals, and we’ve inspected the current condition of the floor, we can then discuss which services and products will work best for the particular home or business.

Step 2 – Hardwood Floor Sanding – Out with the Old!

Most refinishing projects, depending on the scope, are finished in about three to five days. We begin the process with a thorough sanding. Sanding removes the old finish from the floor, smoothing over years of wear, the minor dents and scratches while removing the coating off of any areas that had been poorly finished. What’s left after we are done sanding is the bare hardwood. Like getting a totally new floor, we sand it to be as flat as possible, and clean up any remaining dust and debris.

Step 3 – Staining and Finishing

With the wood now smooth and free of debris, we will use a combination of our commercial-grade, oil-and-water based Bona and Duraseal products to stain and finish the floor. To make sure we get the color the customer wants, we start by staining a small section. The customer then has a chance to inspect the color and a representation of the finished product before we apply stain to the entire floor. Stain typically takes between one and two days to dry, with darker colors generally taking longer.

Finally, we apply the finish; clients can choose between water and oil based finishes. We use two coats of our oil-based Bona finishing polyurethane, with each coat averaging about a day to dry. Another option is to apply three coats of the water-based alternative finish, speeding drying time to about 3 to 4 hours each.

If it’s time to get your wood floor looking like new again, contact JRK Flooring about our hardwood floor refinish service.