To ensure quality results, JRK Flooring relies on many years of experience, integrity, and know-how. The choice to have a hardwood floor installed by JRK Flooring means the finest quality product at an exceptional value. We are proud to utilize quality, time-tested materials at a fraction of the cost. Providing the entire package, of experience, value, and integrity, we are miles above our competition.


How to Choose Your New Hardwood Floors

The first place to start when replacing or installing a hardwood floor is to choose the material. With an overwhelming amount of options to select from, it’s important for the homeowner to consider how the floor will primarily be used.

Upon calling JRK Flooring for an installation quote, please take a moment to consider these three questions:

  • What color would I like the floor to be?

    This will impact your choice of wood types, as well as the stain used when finishing the installation.

  • What level of durability do I desire from the floor?

    While every material we use is of exceptional quality, using an ultra-premium material can mean even more years of service from your floor.

  • When would I like to have the floor completed?

    Establishing a time frame is critical to having your hardwood floor finished on schedule.

The finish on your floor determines its appearance and durability. Your home is unique and will require a specific finish to get the results you desire, we have the experience to select the correct product. We will show you different stains, help you select the best stain for your home and begin installation it as soon as you are comfortable.

Your floor is a unique part of the home; you walk on it every day, watch your kids grow up on it, and it provides the foundation for everyday life. When it is time to show your floor some attention, think of JRK Flooring. We care about providing our neighbors with an unrivaled product at an exceptional value. Call JRK Flooring for a quote today!  

When you’re looking for your hometown hardwood flooring team, who care about getting you a great product at a great price that you’ll love for years to come, get in touch with JRK Flooring today